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One Month Checkup

My little one had her one month check up Wednesday. Still can’t believe how fast time is going. One of my co-workers said this, and I completely agree. Everyone tells you time goes by so quickly, but you don’t realize it until you’re living it. So true.

At the hospital

Birth Stats:

-Weight 6lbs 15oz

-Length 19.5inches

Before seeing the Doctor

Current Stats:

-Weight: 9lbs 10oz


I knew I wasn’t going crazy when I saw the difference in her. No wonder she sized out of her newborn items so quickly. Luckily I didn’t have that many items. She makes me incredibly happy. Even when she’s fussy.

Also, her shot made me want to cry. I know it’s good for her, but she doesn’t understand. But the doctor is so happy with her growth, we can try to stretch sleeping at night from 2-3 hours to 3-4 and maybe 5. Baby steps. But yay!

snuggles at home after her appointment

I also think she’s starting to recognize my husband and I. Still don’t know if those are smiles or she’s still learning her face. But I want to say she’s smiling.


Random thought of the night. The more I’m around my daughter and the more I look at her, I keep thinking, how could someone hurt and/or neglect something so precious.

I remember two stories. Both SUPER extreme cases. One is about an infant that a family abused and killed. The parents and another family member. I believe she was 6-9 months old. She’s starting to get fussy at night and I just want to sleep. Do I get frustrated? Yes. But, I would never hurt her. She cries and I want to do everything to make it stop. I’m already dreading her first month appointment and her getting shots. It’s necessary, but I don’t want her to be in any kinda of pain. She had her first diaper rash and I felt awful. Couldn’t believe I missed something.

Another story I heard was a girl who was raised in a cage. They found this girl when she was 4 and she was in a cage, sitting in her own filth and malnourished. Im always checking my daughter’s diaper. I’m concerned my baby is eating enough. Luckily she has enough soiled diapers, and I just put away all her newborn outfits. Friday will be the first time I’m away from my little girl for an extended period of time. She’ll be in excellent hands, but I’m still nervous.

I just want to do everything to protect this girl. I love her so much. So how can people hurt their babies? I just can’t imagine it.

A DIY Valentine’s Day

The older I get, I realize I don’t really need a fancy Valentine’s date. My favorite Valentine’s Day date was a DIY I did. My husband had to work last Valentine’s Day. So I made a DIY chocolate Fondue Bar. I melted milk, dark, and white chocolate. Got marshmallows, strawberries, apples and Nilla Wafers. And boom! Romantic night in! Not 100% what to do this year. I think we’ll do movies and a nice dinner in. Our night out will be the next night.


Abigail 1 day vs. 1 month

Abigail has been alive for exactly one month. Here are some things I learned or have done in this one month.

  1. Sleep when the baby sleep is not a suggestion, it’s a way of life. I totally take mini naps throughout the day. Why? Because this ravishing creature before you can’t look this good without mini naps! Haha. Seriously though, dishes and laundry can wait. Naps and spending time with my daughter while she’s awake are WAY more important. Showers are also a luxury. Sometime I have to choose. Sleep or shower.
  2. Nursing is hard. Right now I still have to use the boppy. How do moms do it without the boppy? Without the nipple shield?
  3. Streaming is my best friend. Where would we be without online streaming? Bored! I should watch new shows, but I fall asleep so much, how can I watch something new?
  4. Figuring out diapers is trial and error. I think I know the diapers that works for us.
  5. I am incredibly grateful to have a partner to help me out. From helping out around the house and taking on a feeding or two so I can get an extra hour of sleep.

Have to Change Diaper Opinion

In my post about diapers, I talked about what I like and don’t. I said I liked Honest Company, but that changed. After about two weeks using these diapers, I no longer like them. My daughter has a diaper rash. I don’t think there is anything in these diapers, but they are difficult to tell that she wet herself. It’s suler thick, which is great, but she was possibly sitting in a wet diaper for too long because it’s hard to tell when it’s wet. I don’t need the line, Luvs doesn’t have that and I like Luvs. I just want to be able to feel the diaper is wet without opening the diaper completely.

Diapers I’m Loving!

The first month of having a baby is trying different diapers and finding out which ones are favorites and which ones I do not plan to buy again. Remember, these are my opinions and mine alone. Everyone has their preferences, and these are just mine. I know I have not tried every diaper, but I feel as though I tried quite a few. Prices, I just rounded to the nearest dollar.

Mama Bear: This is a specific Amazon brand. The price is about $35 for 216 size one diapers. I personally got this in my Amazon registry “swag” box. And I really like them. Very similar to pampers. They have the wetness indicator line. I do plan on buying this kind again!

Seventh Generation: This was another set of diapers I got for free in my Amazon box. I plan on finishing what I have, but I do not really enjoy these. One of the benefits, it is dye free an good for sensitive skin. There is no indicator line. I know, moms before us never had that indicator line, but it is a nice feature to have. The diaper is also extremely thick. Which would be a good thing, but it is hard to tell if your child wet the diaper. The tabs need to be stretched a little before you put the diaper on the baby as well. You can get these at Target for $30 and 102 size one diapers.

Huggies Little Snugglers: When you think of diapers, Huggies is one of the brands you think of. Right now I just have the little snugglers. Overall these are pretty good. Has the wetness indicator line, and you can tell if the baby made a mess. It easily keeps the mess in. Only downside is that the cotton inside can leave an imprint on your baby’s bottom. It isn’t red, you can just see it. 100 count size one is available at Target for $25.

Honest Company Diapers: I got these from Babies R Us before they went out of business. But you can buy these from Target as well. These are better than the seventh generation ones. Not as thick, and you can easily tell if the baby wet the diaper. You do still need to stretch the tabs before putting the diaper on. But overall these are pretty good. These are $26 for 80 size one diapers.

Pampers Swaddlers: Pampers is the other set of diapers that is most advertised. These are honestly my favorite. It has the wetness indicator line, the tabs are easy to stretch out, and it is lightweight and sturdy enough to tell if the baby wet the diaper without leaking. At Target, 96 size one diapers are $25.

Luvs: These are pretty good. There is no wetness indicator line, but you can tell the wetness of the diapers without leakage. Also seems like the most affordable name brand diapers of the bunch. At Target, 216 size one diapers are $25.

Got My New Pump

Since I’ve decided to nurse, I also have a pump. It’s definitely worth seeing if you can get it through insurance. The first one I got received was from my registry. I didn’t look at the reviews, but I was unable to get a pump through insurance until the baby was born

Evenflo is a decent pump, just very LOUD. Because I have an HMO plan, I couldn’t use Aeroflow, the company you see in Facebook ads, and other in the apps. The company I used is called Edgepark. It takes my insurance and has the three main pumps you can get off of this plan. I personally ended up with the Spectra pump. Really nice. Gentle pumping, yet effective. Very quiet. So far, I truly love this pump and can’t wait to continue using it.

What’s In My Diaper Bag

I’m probably one of the weird ones that enjoy these videos on YouTube. So why not share mine? I’ve had to go out with the baby a few times and these are the items I keep in my diaper bag. The diaper bag I use is a backpack style. I think it’s easier to keep your hands free with an infant. But this is my choice. This bag was on my Amazon registry. Please let me know if I need anything else in my diaper bag. I do have another one I purchased from Babies R Us when it was going out of business. It is a nice size for when we’ll be away from the house for a longer period of time.

This is another item I received from my registry. Is the portable changing station. It has compartments for wipes and diapers.

Of course extra wipes and diapers are in my diaper bag. right now, I have extra wipes from the swag box I received for having an Amazon registry.

Pacifiers. You never know when you’ll need a pacifier.

I keep my wallet in this bag. It’s definitely nicer to have one bag instead of a purse and a diaper bag.

Nursing cover. So far no luck on getting my daughter to nurse in public. I may have to wait until she’s a little bigger. But in case she is willing to nurse, I keep the cover on me.

Extra onesie. Well, you just never know.

Bottle. I keep a bottle in my bag just in case she needs to eat.

So far this is all I have in my diaper bag. If I’m missing anything, please let me know.

Why So Judgey?

I was watching a YouTube video of a person who had her son about a month before I had my daughter. She said something that happened to one of the pictures she shared on one of her Social Media accounts and how many moms judged her for her post. It got me thinking. Why are we so quick to judge moms?

You know, good for the moms that are able to keep their homes perfect with a newborn. That’s awesome! For me, I would rather cuddle my newborn or take a nap versus washing dishes or making my bed. Everybody handles being a new mom differently. Some moms take whatever time they have and try to keep the house orderly, some moms will sleep, and some moms will binge watch You on Netflix (I’m told I need to watch this).

For me, being a new mom is messy. I have shirts with milk leaked on them. My hands get poop on them. My hair is a mess. My makeup is almost NEVER done. I’m in pajamas all the time. And it is beautiful. I love being a mom to my Abigail. She makes me incredibly happy. Even though I’m exhausted and my boobs hurt, she puts a smile on my face. So, so what if motherhood is messy! Motherhood is beautiful if you’re hair and make up is perfect or if you have a messy bun and you haven’t washed your face in a few days.